WBC and Other Stuff

Seeing as how the Sox spring training games haven’t been on tv that much, I’ve been getting my baseball fix from the World Baseball Classic.  I love being able to watch international competition.  It’s not every day where fans can see what other countries teams are like, so it’s an amazing oppurtunity.  Over spring break I had a lot of late nights just watching the World Baseball Classic, and I loved how in the morning when the games were in Japan I woke up and I watched baseball.

Yesterday the Jon Lester deal was made official, and he deserves every single penny of that deal.  So I’m really happy about that.  I’m not too worried about Pedroia’s injury either, it’s not something that needs to be worried about.  And I’m still trying to find another reason to hate the yankees, it’s always nice to have another reason to hate them. 🙂


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