Mr. Curt Schilling

I know that Mr. Schilling’s retirement has been blogged about a lot, but hell why not blog about it?  I mean we all saw what he brought to the Red Sox.  He brought dedication, a love for the game, and passion.  Fans will remember him for his postseason heroics, game 6 with the bloody sock, a little ironic that one of his socks was red and he pitched for the Red Sox.  He accomplished so much as a baseball player, and more as a member of the community.  I highly appreciate everything that Mr. Schilling did as a member of the Red Sox.


One thought on “Mr. Curt Schilling

  1. He was a good pitcher. I just couldn’t stand him as a person. He wasn’t really very well liked around baseball either. He always had to open his mouth with stuff that didn’t even involve him. I’m glad to see he’s going to be out of the game. I did cheer for him when he pitched for the Red Sox with the bloody socks. Now it’s time for us to put our bloody socks in the air and say see ya….catch you on a MLB Classic game.

    ~ King of Cali

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