Youk got snubbed in my opinion and other opinions on the all stars

Youk in my opinion should be starting the All-Star game and not mark whatever is name is from the team that should not be named.  Yes he still gets to go but he isn’t going as a starter.  However time being it is understandable why he isn’t starting, he’s been playing third base lately as Mikey Lowell was placed on the DL. Pedroia and J-Bay on the other hand I’m not the least bit surprised that they are going as starters.  There may be some who might not be happy about PD starting but the fans voted.  I am so extatic about Wakefield going to the All-Star game.  I hope he gets to start too.  Beckett and Papelbon going to the All-Star game doesn’t surprise me at all.

Some things have me worried.  As of right now the Red Sox have a slim 1 game lead of the the team that should not be named from the state that should not be named.  It has me worried.  The All-Star break is next week, so the slim lead will hopefully get a little bigger.  If the Sox have like a 2 1/2 or 3 game lead over the team that I’m not naming I’ll be less worried.  AND YES I know the Sox are still in first and I am very very happy about that.  But hey it’s baseball and I know that anything can happen.


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