Happy New Year Red Sox Nation




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Sunday night’s Red Sox season opener was one to remember.
From 5 year old Josh Sacco giving the miracle speech, to Pedro Martinez
throwing out the ceremonial first pitch, who probably heard some “who’s your
daddy?” chants from Yankees fans, to the fireworks, it was wicked awesome.  Oh yeah and during the 8th inning
Neil Diamond performed “Sweet Caroline.” 
He’s never performed it live at a game before and what was up with his
jacket?  When the teams were announced it
was Mike Lowell the 2007 World Series MVP who got the biggest ovation, which
was rightly deserved as he has done so much for his team. The fans love him,
and he’s good to have as a back up third baseman in case something happens to
Adrian Beltre (the best defensive third baseman).  Yes that’s right Adrian Beltre is the best
defensive third baseman, Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) has nothing on him.  It was Josh Beckett (Becks) pitching for the
Sox and C.C Sabathia pitching for the Yankees. 
Josh Beckett did not look like Josh Beckett at all; maybe he and Victor
Martinez (V-mart) need to spend some more time playing catch.  Last season V-Mart came during the middle of
the season, and he and Becks never got on the same page, there were rumors in
the off season that team captain Jason Varitek (Tek) would be Becks personal
catcher.  He gave up back to back home
runs, against a team where he should have pitched better, but it was only the
first game of the season so Red Sox Nation shouldn’t be worried, he’s here for
four more years: D. And there was all this talk about how the Sox wouldn’t have
any offense, yeah right, the Sox came out swinging, especially Kevin Youkilis
(Youk), and Dustin Pedroia (Pedey, Pedroia the Destroia).  Pedey hit a 2 run homer (which tied the
game), and Youk got in some good hacks. 
Even the bottom of the lineup which for now is home to J.D Drew, Marco
Scutaro, Mike Cameron and Adrian looked good with their bats.  The Sox won, the Yankees lost, The Nation is
happy, very happy.


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