It’s officially Baseball Season

In my opinion, the Red Sox season started on Tuesday (Truck Day).  Here in RSN we see Truck Day as an unofficial holiday.  It’s the day when the 18 wheeler truck full of boxes and boxes of Red Sox equipment and locker room stuff heads down to the Fort.  The local news makes a big to do about it too, and rightfully so, it is a big to do.  I get so excited about Truck Day and the days after, especially when the reporting days get closer and closer.  I already have the schedule in my iCal, complete with all the spring training games.  I’m excited for this season.  Right now the Sox have the best team on paper, but that has to translate to the field too.  A team can have the best team on paper, but if it does’t translate to the field, then it doesn’t really mean much.  The Sox, in my opinion have the fastest team in the league with Jacoby and Carl Crawford.  The two best base robbers in the league on the team, DAMN.  I can’t wait to see them rob bases.  Ah I can not wait until April 1st, April Fools Day.  It’s the official start of the Red Sox seaon.  It’s been such a long harsh winter here in the MA, that Baseball has been on my mind for a while.  And the way things ended last season, this season is a fresh start with some wicked pissah fresh faces, and the familiar faces too.  And as the truck on Truck Day said “First stop Fort Myers, Next stop the series.”  Happy Baseball season everyone.


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