Just around the Corner

It’s that time again, pitchers and catchers report in just 17 days. But where does that leave the longest tenured Sox players? WIll Jason Varitek the captain since 2005, and TIm Wakefield one of the few knuckleball throwers in the league have a place with the team that they have been a part of for so long? I for one can not imagine the Red Sox without them, it took me a while getting used to not seeing the Rocket in a Red Sox uniform. And with the collapse of the team this past September there are a lot of expectations for the team this season, just like every other season. Red Sox Nation has been spoiled over the years, the whole state of Massachusetts has been spoiled by Boston teams. 2 World Series Titles, 3 Superbowls, A record setting 17th NBA Championship and a long awaited Stanley Cup title. But there are a lot of questions due to the changing of personnel, how the players will react to the the change. Only time will tell, but happy early new year Red Sox Nation.


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