A final word

I hope that Bobby Valentine gets a second chance at managing the Red Sox, I know that it is unlikely but I feel like he truly deserves it.  There were things that were out of his control, but I feel that he did the best he could under certain circumstances.  Could he have done better? Yes he could have.  But seeing as how last season ended, I feel that this season was about rebuilding.  Sometimes things get worse before they can get better, and this is how I feel about the Red Sox this season.  I truly feel that next season they will be better. As an extremely loyal Red Sox fan, this season has been difficult to watch.  I am not embarrassed by the Red Sox at all, every team goes through rough patches.  However, I did feel that the big trade that the Red Sox pulled off would have done something more.  But the thing is I don’t hate them for losing this season at all, they did not mean to lose at all and any true, loyal fan should realize that.  The Red Sox didn’t want to lose, they wanted to win.  There are some that will say that they are embarrassed by the Red Sox, to me those people are not true fans.  Yes the Red Sox played horribly this season, and it takes a true fan to admit that, but it takes an even truer fan to say that they never gave up.


But I believe and I have faith that next season will be better.


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