John Farrell

Although I had nothing against Bobby Valentine as a manager, the hiring of John Farrell, a familiar face in the Red Sox clubhouse is a good thing.  The players, not just the pitching staff respect him, and he respects the players.  However it has to be taken into consideration that the club needs to rebuild and that is a process that takes some time.  But the important thing is, is that the core group of players will be back, and hopefully the Sox and Big Papi can come to terms on a deal where everyone is happy.  I believe it can happen, and I know the Red Sox believe it can happen.  Hopefully the upper management actually lets John Farrell call the shots, but seeing as how he already knows ownership, I don’t see that as a problem.  Hopefully John Farrell can get this team back to the winning ways that the players, owners, management and fans have come to expect.  Things need to be put into perspective though, sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to get back to where you need to be, and the past few seasons the Sox have hit rock bottom.  The Sox will come back, and everyone else needs to believe that they will come back.


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