In my opinion the official start of baseball season is Truck Day, when the Red Sox equipment truck leaves Fenway for Fort Myers. It’s symbolic. It symbolizes the beginning. My expectations for this season are not that high, however I am hopeful that this season will be better than the last two. I think this season is a rebuilding season, and all the pieces are there for the Red Sox to be great this season. John Farrell coming back to the team, bringing in V-Tek and Pedro, I feel is great for this team. With the players that have been with the team since 07, they are already at an advantage. They know Farrell and there’s already a level of respect that has been established from his time in Boston as pitching coach. As for Tek, when he was a player, he was one of the most respected players in the league, and the same goes for him now, as a special assistant to Ben Cherrington. He’s someone that players will listen to because they respect him. They respect Pedro too, but I think Pedro will be more relaxed than Tek.  I’m just excited for the season to start, that’s all.


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