Open Season

Open season, that’s what it seems like for Jerry Remy.  In light of the recent revelations about his son Jared in the media, Jerry Remy has been receiving unfair criticism.  Many people don’t believe that he should be working in the booth calling Red Sox games, and those same people want the Red Sox and NESN to fire him.  The unfair treatment is due to the fact that he is a public figure in Massachusetts.  He is also the president of Red Sox Nation.  He is being treated as if he committed the crime.  The Boston Globe, recently bought by Red Sox Owner John Henry, published a timeline of Jared Remy’s extensive criminal past.  It is extremely alarming, but what is even more alarming than all of Jared’s crimes, is how much the justice system failed. What people are accusing Jerry and his wife of doing is enabling their son by paying for lawyers, and trying to get him the necessary help that he needed.  On Friday March 28th, Jerry Remy called in to the Dennis and Callahan Morning and spoke openly about the things that have been going on, and what people have been saying.  The transcript and audio can be found here:  One of the things that Jerry said that really stood out to me, was how he felt that he and his wife failed as parents.  When he said this, I was thinking to myself, you did everything that you could possibly do to help your son, you didn’t fail as parents.

People that don’t want him back in the booth this season are failing to realize, that he has the right to move on from what has happened and he has the right to work and do the job that he loves doing.   I also feel that what is going on with the legal troubles of his son are not going to get in the way of him doing his job, which is what others think.  When Jared was first charged with murder in August, Jerry made the executive decision to take the rest of the season off to be with his family and deal with everything.  I support Jerry’s decision in returning to work, he did nothing wrong, didn’t commit any crimes, and deserves to do what he wants to do without being questioned and criticized by the media and general public.


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