New Year

For me, new years isn’t January 1st, my new year starts when baseball starts.  The start of the baseball season is what I always look forward, especially after the long winters.  Baseball signifies the start of spring, but because I’m a little weird, spring for me starts when the equipment truck leaves Fenway for Fenway South, in Fort Myers Florida.  In other words, when spring training starts, spring starts for me.  Technically, the baseball season starts in spring training, everything from the previous season is left behind, and almost in a way forgotten.  Spring training means a fresh start, players returning, and new players coming in.  Spring training is when predictions are made, and the team is gauged based upon how well they performed in games.  The new year also means fresh, new, young talented players from the minors, some which have been in the system for a few years.  These young players get their chance to shine in spring training, and prove to the big league staff that they can roll with the big boys.

For me, the wait for the new baseball season always seems like it’s the longest.  And no, I don’t just wait all winter to watch the regular season games, I wait all winter to watch the spring training games, even if the games don’t really mean anything.  For me it’s just about watching baseball, it doesn’t matter to me who’s playing and who isn’t.  It’s just baseball, and baseball is my favorite sport to watch.  There’s 162 games, and baseball is a game of what its, and anything can happen at a moments notice.  With that being said, happy new year baseball fans.


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