Voting and season thoughts so far

Yes it is that time of the season.   Almost to the halfway point, voting for the All-Star game has begun.  If you want to see your favorite Red Sox players on the All-Star team, you need to vote.  You can vote up to 25 times per email address, and having multiple email addresses certainly comes in handy.

As I am writing this, the Red Sox are currently third in the American League East standings.  Baltimore and New York are the two teams that are ahead.  The beginning of the season has been interesting to say the least, and some media outlets hit the panic button early on.  Me, I didn’t hit that panic button, getting back into the routine of playing everyday can take some time getting used to.  The Sox also dealt with some injuries early on too.  However, recently things have finally started to come together for the Sox, something that I saw first hand.  On May 1st, I took in game 1 of a day/night doubleheader and I was very impressed with what I saw, it was also Dustin Pedroia Bobllehead day.  And because it was an afternoon game, there were a lot of empty seats.  I didn’t even sit in my own seat for the majority of the game, instead I sat in the famous red seat.  The famous red seat is a symbol of the longest home run ever hit inside the park, which was 502 feet and hit by Ted Williams.  The famous red seat is located in section 42, row 37, seat 21.  It was really cool to sit in a seat that has so much meaning to Red Sox Nation and the Fenway Faithful.

As for how the Red Sox looked, they looked good, and the early season issues were non-existent.  I was very pleased at how the Sox played, even though they ended up losing, they still played very well.  To put it simply, they just played Red Sox baseball that the fans are used to seeing.  There are some areas that the team can improve on, and I believe that they will before the All-Star break. One of the areas that needs improvement, is successfully stealing bases.  The Red Sox have not had much success stealing bases this season, something that in the past, they have been successful doing.  Pitching, on a whole has been decent, however one pitcher in particular needs to figure out what the issues are, and that is Clay Buchholz.  Clay Buchholz has not seemed like himself at all this season.  It could be something mechanically, or there could be a deeper underlying issue such as a physical issue.  Until next time, happy voting!

The Famous Red SeatThe famous red seat

10339743_10201852526494947_2340921963079396728_nA lot of empty seats


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