Puzzle pieces and other thoughts

Right now as I am writing this blog post, my thoughts about the season so far, are just a bunch of puzzle pieces waiting to be put together.  That is, I just can’t seem to put my thoughts on this season together, they are way too jumbled.   I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t put their thoughts together.  It has become clear that with only one month left in what has been an inconsistent season, the Red Sox are are not going to make the playoffs.  Losing key players in the offseason due to free agency, and losing returning players from last season’s World Series team to injuries and trades, this season should be looked at as a rebuilding season.  There is nothing wrong with having a rebuilding season, it allows the team to adapt to changes and make necessary adjustments.

One thing for sure, it has been amazing watching some of the younger players such as Brock Holt having so much success in the big leagues.  He has been absolutely amazing in the field and at the plate since being called up from the minors.  I love how the Red Sox are giving some of the minor leaguers the opportunity to play in the big leagues.  It also gives the Red Sox coaching staff and management to gauge how these players perform and handle the pressures of playing at Fenway.  The young players that have been called up, have shown that they can perform and handle the pressures of playing at Fenway.


Here is a really good write up that I found on Bill Simmons’ Grantland Blog about the Rusney Castillo signing.  It’s a little long, but well worth the read.



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