End of season review

Well, the season has come and gone.  Some may think that the Red Sox let Red Sox Nation down this season, do I personally think that? No.  While every season expectations are always high, sometimes the cards just don’t play out right.  That is exactly what happened to the Red Sox this season.  While they did not make the playoffs, after winning the World Series last season, there were positives.  For me the positives were seeing a lot of the minor leaguers get a chance to play.  It’s always a lot of fun when the minor leaguers get called up to play, because their games aren’t usually aired on television.  It’s always really interesting to see how they will fit in with the team in the future.  I went to four games this season.  I went to opening day, Dustin Pedroia bobble head day, the May 28th game where the 2004 team was celebrated, and I went to the very last game of the season against the Yankees.

This season in some ways was hard to watch, but I know that the Sox can bounce back in the offseason.  There are only three more months until pitchers and catchers have to report to Fenway South.  Three more months brings us to February.  I’m excited to see what changes the team will be making between now and then, it’s always a little stressful wondering what is going to happen.  I’ll try to be more active posting my thoughts and opinions as to what changes occur, however things have been relatively quiet.

I’ve been working on a video project with photos and videos that I took at the games that I went to this season.  When that project is done, I will post it in its own blog post.


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