Thinking spring

As I’m writing this, there are 47 days until opening day at Fenway, but that’s getting a little too far ahead at the moment.  So, at this present moment the gang’s all there, there, meaning Fenway South at Jet Blue Park in Fort Myers, Florida.  Every year, I say that my spring starts in February, because of spring training.  I feel like this year is different though, it probably has something to do with the eight feet of snow that got dumped on where I live.  I keep looking forward to March 3rd, which is just a few days away.  March 3rd, is the first spring training game, and it also marks the return of Red Sox Baseball to WEEI.  Thank the good lord, I need baseball back in my life, I’ve been having serious withdrawals.  And yes I already have the NESN schedule in my calendar, so I know when I can watch the Spring Training games.  The struggle is real waiting for baseball season.


The Sox may have scored another high profile Cuban player.


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