Opening Day at Fenway Ceremonies Recap and Thoughts on the Season So Far

This year my dad and I went to Opening Day at Fenway, we went to the 2014 home opener too. Being at Fenway for the home opener is different than watching it on tv, but either way you can see how special the home opener is.  Each year is something different, last year the Sox got their World Series Rings, and honored survivors of the Boston Marathon.  This year there were others that were honored.  I already knew Tom Brady was throwing out the first pitch (thank you twitter), Pete Frates was going to be in attendance, and that all four Super Bowl trophies were going to be there.  Other than knowing those things, I didn’t know anything else.  The Sox kept things pretty much under wraps.  I was looking down at the field as preparations were underway, and noticed a family wearing jerseys with number 8 on the back, I immediately knew that it was the family of Martin Richard.  The National Anthem was sung by the St. Ann’s Children’s Choir of Dorchester, with nine year old Jane Richard, a survivor of the 2013 Marathon Bombings leading the way.  After the National Anthem, Robert Kraft, his son Jonathan Bill Belichick (wearing a hoody),  and Tom Brady came out on the field, each of them carrying a Lombardi Trophy, were greeted on the pitcher’s mound by 15 year old Henry Richard.  Henry had the honor of giving Brady the ball to throw out the first pitch, and in return Henry got to hold one of Lombardi Trophies.  It was a touching moment for a family that has been through so much.  And if you thought Brady was gonna throw the perfect pitch, think again, Big Papi had to bail him out.  Number 12 should stick to throwing footballs.

After the first pitch, it was time for someone else to be honored.  Pete Frates is known across the country for creating the Ice Bucket Challenge, which is to raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).  Pete Frates has ALS, a disease that doesn’t have a cure.  He played college baseball for Boston College and even got to play at Fenway Park, and his dream was to play Major League Baseball, and because of the ALS that dream wasn’t possible.  During spring training the Boston College Eagles Baseball team visited the Red Sox in Fort Myers to play a game, the Red Sox and Eagles wore number 3 jerseys, which was Frates’ number in college.  In what could be called as the best moment from the opening day ceremonies, Ben Cherrington, the General Manager made Pete Frates’ dream come true, when he signed Frates to an honorary lifetime contract.  The Red Sox players emerged from their dugout, with those red number 3 jerseys in hand from the spring training game against Boston College, and presented them to their newest teammate.  After the signing of Pete Frates, it was time for the two words everyone loves to hear, and the Red Sox had one more special guest up their sleeves to do that honor, 2015 first ballot Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame inductee, Pedro Martinzez.  Pedro, along with Pete’s wife Julie closed out the opening ceremonies with “Play Ball,” and the game was officially underway.

Some sights from the game:


Season thoughts so far

As the first month of the season is coming to an end, I have been extremely impressed by how the Red Sox have been playing.  They’re just playing simple baseball, and more importantly having fun.  The only concern that I have at the moment is with starting pitching.  The bullpen has been digging the starters out too early.  Some of the starters are having issues going past six innings, which in the long run could potentially be a problem.  Another concern, is the health of Shane Victorino, he’s had little nagging injuries here and there.  This first month of baseball has been extremely fun and exciting to watch, the most exciting players have been Mookie Betts and Hanley Ramirez.  Mookie Betts has power, speed and he’s really good when it comes to fielding too.  And he’s only 22.  The reason why Hanley has been exciting to watch, is because he always seems to lose his helmet, which I guess him losing his helmet is better than him losing his mind.  Mookie and Hanley haven’t been the only two players that have been exciting to watch, the whole team has been exciting to watch.


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