Another month has come and gone (May thoughts)

Another month has come and gone, with not so great results.  The Red Sox have simply not been playing the way they expect to play and how the fans expect them to play.  Pitching has been inconsistent, hitters that are usually really good aren’t hitting the way they normally do, and fielding has been ehh.  The team is just in an all around slump.  And it’s kind of crazy because there are a lot of talented, good players on the team.  I know that the Sox can play better than they have been playing, it’s just a matter of when will they start playing that way?  I also haven’t been deterred from watching the Sox throughout this slump, however at times, I’m driven crazy.  The Sox desperately need to find a way to get things back on track.  Pitching needs to be more consistent, hitters need to start hitting and more runs need to be scored with runners in scoring position.  I’m hoping that the month of June will be better for the Sox.

Voting for the All-Star game is now open too!


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