Week 1 wrap-up: 4/5/16-4/10/16

This is the first post in a new format that I am trying out for this blog.  I’m hoping this format of weekly wrap-ups works out well.

Disclaimer: If there is a Sunday night game, posts should be posted the following Monday Morning.

These are the thoughts I had watching the games.

So the Red Sox season was supposed to start on April 4th, however, mother nature reared her ugly head. The start of the season had to wait one more day and the Sox started their season on April 5th.

4/5/16 in Cleveland- I listened to the game on the radio, something that I love doing every once in a while. It’s nice to shut the tv off and just listen. I was really pleased with the way the game went, and best of all, David Price pitched a hell of a game, and the Sox came out with a win.

4/6/16- While the Sox lost this game, there were some highlights. First of all, Big Papi and Hanley Ramirez hit back-to-back homers, Brock Holt also hit a home run. Clay Buchholz looked really shaky in his first start of the season, however it’s too early to start panicking. The Sox only lost by one run, which isn’t that bad of a loss. I’m sure Buchholz will figure out what went wrong and make the necessary changes to improve.

4/7/16- Mother nature reared her ugly head again and this game had to be postponed, which didn’t make me too happy.

4/8/16 in Toronto- Holy crap was this game wicked exciting to watch. It was another one run game but the Sox ended up winning this one. Joe Kelly started and only lasted three innings, and there was a really scary moment when a pitch grazed the helmet of Kevin Pillar. Brock Holt hit a grand slam, Big Papi and Hanley added RBI singles which ended up sealing the comeback win for the Red Sox.

4//9/16- Today’s game was another game, the hits just keep coming from everyone in the lineup. The only player who didn’t have a hit was Pablo Sandoval. I was really impressed with Rusney Castillo in his first start of the season. He went 2 for 4 and made some really good plays in the outfield. And then there was Pedroia, there’s a reason why people call him the muddy chicken and laser show, he went 3 for 5 and showed why he’s won four Gold Gloves. Rick Porcello, while he did give up 4 runs, looked good in his first start.

4/10/16- Steven Wright definitely had issues in the first inning, but eventually settled down and pitched 6.2 innings giving up only two runs. The Sox, weren’t able to score any runs and were held to only seven hits, three of which came from Hanley Ramirez. This game wasn’t exciting to watch as the first four games, but that’s how baseball is sometimes.

Things that I have been impressed by in the first week of the season:
The Sox have been getting hits and finding ways to score runs. They have also shown some early season resiliency with two come from behind wins. Another thing that I have noticed, early on, is these guys are having fun playing baseball. The bullpen has also been extremely impressive.

Things that haven’t impressed me:
Pitching other than David Price and the bullpen. While it’s still too early to be concerned, the other pitchers have to figure out what went wrong, and find ways to fix their problems.


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