Week 2 wrap up

This past week was a little on the crazy side for me. I wasn’t able to watch a lot of games, but I still know what was going on. I went to the Fenway opener, and even though they lost it was still a wicked fun game to watch from the stands. Compared to the past two seasons, the opening ceremonies were not as big. I met Steve Horgan, the now famous around Fenway bullpen cop. I thought it was really special that the Sox got Bobby Orr, Ty Law, and Bill Russell to throw out the ceremonially first pitch with Big Papi. It was even more special seeing Big Papi’s daughter sing the Star Spangled Banner. 

I did catch glimpses of the other games during the week, but I didn’t watch enough of them to include in the wrap up. I also wish I could add pictures from opening day too, but I can’t do that from my iPad. I’ll be listening to the Marathon Monday game on the radio, and hopefully I’ll be able to watch more games this week. I will also be adding pictures later. 


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