Week three wrap-up 4/18/16-4/24/16

I listened to the Marathon Monday game on WEEI.   I love listening to the games on the radio sometimes, it gives me that old school feeling. The Sox lost four games and won three.  The thing that I noticed this week, is how they will lose one game and then win the next one and vice versa.  The team still continued to hit and score runs.  The big issue this week was pitching.  Pitching has been inconsistent, and the starters have yet to be able to go long innings.  Steven Wright proved that he belongs in the starting rotation, he just needs more run support than what he has been given.  Another pitcher has been impressive, is Rick Porcello.  Porcello’s most recent outing on 4/22, he pitched a solid seven innings and earned his third win of the season.

It was another up and down week for the Sox.  They have yet to win three games in a row, hopefully they can do that soon.  Here’s hoping week four, and the last week in April will be better.


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