April thoughts

Instead of doing a wrap up for the last week of Red Sox baseball for April, I’m going to wrap up my thoughts on the month as a whole. I might do this for the end of every month instead of the last week. I’ll still do weekly wrap-ups for the first three weeks. 

As I whole I was really impressed with how the Red Sox played in April, not only that but I’m really loving this team as a whole. They’ve shown a lot of fight and resiliency, they’ve been able to come from behind and win games. The home runs might be down, but to me that doesn’t matter as much. What matters is getting hits and scoring runs, which in the month of April, the Sox did a lot of that. Something that I’ve noticed watching the games, is how much fun these guys are having, which makes the games that much more fun to watch. 

A few things that I’m surprised by:

Rick Porcello’s 5 and 0 record

Steven Wright has the lowest ERA amongst starting pitchers
Did anyone really think these two would be the most reliable pitchers?

Things I’m not surprised by:

Pablo not playing

The way Hanley has been playing 

I watched some spring training games and even though I should be surprised at how well Hanley has been playing, I’m not. I knew from watching the spring training games that first base would work better for Hanley. 

After last season, I wasn’t expecting Pablo Sandoval to be playing that much. I’m also not surprised that he needs surgery. 

Hopefully May will be just as exciting. And All-Star Game voting is open!!


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