May Week 1 Wrap-up 5/1/16-5/8/16

I need to start off with a disclaimer: I hate Sunday night games on ESPN, I just can’t listen to the commentators. And yes, sometimes the way the commentators call the game makes all the difference. I also just don’t like ESPN to begin with. In the first week of games for May, there have been two Sunday night ESPN games, both against the New York Yankees. I watched bits and pieces of the two Sunday night games here and there, however the commentators make it so difficult. I also don’t like the Sunday night games because it throws off my blogging schedule for this blog. I like to post on Sunday afternoons after those games are over.
The Sox started the month of May with a one run win against the Yankees at Fenway on May 1st, followed by an off day on Monday.

Tuesday May 3rd, the Sox were in Chicago for the first of a three game series against the White Sox. The final score was 4-1 with the White Sox winning. The Sox would win the last two games of the series with scores of 5-2 and 7-3. This three game series would be the only time the Sox and Sox would play each other this season. Big Papi was also gifted a handmade humidor filled with cigars from the White Sox.

After the series against Chicago, the Sox were off to New York for a three game series against the Yankees. The Sox lost the first two games with scores of 2-3, which was the score for the May 6th game, and then on the 7th the score was 2-8. The last game of the series was on Sunday night, which they won 5-1, and if you read my disclaimer you will know that I did not watch a lot of this game due to it being on ESPN.


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