Week 2 Wrap-up 5/9/16-5/15/16

The start of week 2 saw the Oakland Athletic’s come to town.

Monday 5/9 was nothing but a hit parade from the Sox. JBJ extended his hitting streak to 15 games and hit his first career grand slam, Big Papi hit two doubles and it was just an exciting game to watch. The Sox won 14-7.

Tuesday 5/10- I could not believe this game. It was so much fun to watch, especially the third inning. The third inning really was a hit and run parade. Mookie, Travis Shaw and Hanley all hit home runs, but it was Han Ram’s homer that was a real blast at 468 feet. The sox won with a score of 13-5 in a game that didn’t have Big Papi in the lineup. It’s quite impressive what the lineup can do when Papi isn’t playing. 

Wednesday 5/11- This was another awesome game. Rick Porcello, who has been quite impressive earned his sixth win of the season. JBJ extended his hitting streak to 17 games, hit two home runs, drove in six runs, and all nine in the starting lineup had a least one hit. The Sox scored 40 runs in the three games against the A’s.

Thursday 5/12- David Price was on his A game against Houston. I also realized something else when I was watching this game, The Rocket would be a great hire for ESPN for Sunday Night Baseball, maybe then I would actually want to watch Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN. I wasn’t surprised by anything with this game, It was another hit and run parade. JBJ extended his hitting streak to 18 games, Bogey and Mook both hit home runs. For the second game in a row, all nine in the lineup had at least one hit on the way to an 11-1 win.

Friday 5/13- A little rain never hurt anybody. I was at this game and oh my goodness gracious was this a fun one to be at. You just don’t want to be sitting behind home plate underneath the netting where rain collects and just drops big drops of water on your head. There were some highs and lows. The high points, Travis Shaw’s home run, and JBJ extended his streak to 19 games. The lows, the Sox lost by one run, and there were some really questionable calls from the home plate umpire. The final score was 7-6, and I definitely thought the Sox were going to come back and win this game. 

Saturday 5/14- History, Big Papi made history. He hit his 600th double, and was a single away from the cycle. It was his 600th double in the 11th inning that won the game, by allowing Zander Bogaerts (Bogey) to score the winning run. And JBJ continues his hitting streak. 

Sunday 5/15-There’s just something about games like this that make watching baseball wicked exciting. Ryan Hanigan had four RBI’s, JBJ kept his hitting streak alive, and Bogey hit a three run homer. It seemed like Houston could have won this game, but the Sox were just too much to handle. Final score: 9-8, Sox, who have won 7 of the last 8 and are showing no signs of slowing down. 


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