Sox Love

Monday, April 3, 2017, marked new beginnings for the Boston Red Sox, and a new reality set in.  While some of the team might be the same, it is different.  It’s the first season without Big Papi, and this is a reality that might take some time getting used to.  With new beginnings come new questions, and rightfully so, and those questions will be answered as the season goes on.  But I do have a recap of the opening day festivities.  First of all, the Patriots being honored was not a surprise to me at all.  I knew some of the Patriots would be there, as they were there two years ago after winning Super Bowl 49.   What was surprising, but not at the same time, was Gronk doing the most Gronk thing he could do and swipe Brady’s newly returned stolen jersey.  If you thought it was funny watching it on TV, it was even funnier witnessing it in person, I think it was planned between Brady and Gronk, though.

As for the game itself, Pretty Ricky showed why he is the reigning Cy Young award winner.  The majority of the game was pretty much a pitchers duel until the fifth inning when the Sox scored five runs.  And the Red Sox Gold Glove winners showed why they won those Gold Gloves.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings!


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