Sox Love

It’s been about a month since I posted anything on this blog, but that just means I’ve been watching a lot of baseball even when the Sox aren’t playing.  There are a lot of things that I have thoughts on, and that includes what happened to Adam Jones, and the new rivalry with Baltimore.

I’ve really been impressed with what I have seen from the Sox in the first month of the season, it went by so fast.  I can’t believe that it’s time to vote for the all-stars already.  One of the biggest issues that I have seen is the ability to score runs, and no I am not going to blame it on the absence of Big Papi.  I’ve also been really impressed by what I have seen from the team, especially recently with the lineup shift, the Sox are starting to score runs!

But, the play on the field, in my opinion, has been overshadowed by what happened at Fenway when Baltimore was in town for a four-game series.  First of all, Adam Jones is one of the most respected baseball players in the game, the way he was treated by fans at Fenway park is disgusting.  Red Sox fans are better than that.  But, those fans who decided to yell racial slurs, and the other fans who threw peanuts at Adam Jones did, did not only make Red Sox fans look bad, but he/she made the city of Boston look bad too.  It didn’t stop there either, during Tuesday night’s game, a father, his biracial six-year-old son, and the boy’s grandfather who is from Haiti experienced racism as well when another fan during or after the National Anthem was saying racist things about the woman who sang the National Anthem.  Monday night’s game, the same night that Adam Jones experienced racism 34 fans were told to leave the park, Tuesday night’s game, the fan that was saying racist things about the woman of color who sang the National Anthem was not only thrown out of Fenway but banned for life.

These events are extremely problematic.  Here’s a little history lesson, Boston is a historically racist city.  The Sox were the last team to integrate, which is shameful, and it’s even more shameful that there is still so much ignorance, intolerance, and racism.  Boston is better than this, and we need to do better.


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