It’s been about a month since I posted anything on this blog, but that just means I’ve been watching a lot of baseball even when the Sox aren’t playing.  There are a lot of things that I have thoughts on, and that includes what happened to Adam Jones, and the new rivalry with Baltimore. I’ve […]


70 years ago today, history was made in Major League Baseball.  On this day in 1947, Jackie Robinson made his Major League debut as the first baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  This might not seem like a big deal to some people, but it is a big deal.  Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, Jackie […]


Monday, April 3, 2017, marked new beginnings for the Boston Red Sox, and a new reality set in.  While some of the team might be the same, it is different.  It’s the first season without Big Papi, and this is a reality that might take some time getting used to.  With new beginnings come new […]


One more week, that’s it.  One more week until the season officially starts, and to say that I can’t wait is an understatement.  I’ve done my waiting, six long months of waiting!  I’m really excited for the season to start, and to be able to watch baseball pretty much every day again.  New England/Massachusetts winters […]


I know there are mixed feelings about the World Baseball Classic (WBC), baseball’s equivalent to FIFA, especially in regards to MLB players leaving Spring Training early. But honestly, I love the World Baseball Classic for a few reasons. The first reason is because I really enjoy watching the international teams and players. Second, I love […]


…Means nothing, it really doesn’t.  You can have a team that looks wicked good on paper, but they play like crap.  For instance, there have been times when the Sox have looked really good on paper, but it didn’t translate onto the field.  Right now, the Sox look wicked good on paper, but it’s anybody’s […]


If you’re a Red Sox fan, then you should know all about Truck Day.  For me, Truck Day is the first day of spring.  It always has been.  If you don’t know what Truck Day is, it’s the day when the equipment truck leaves Fenway for Fort Myers.  This is the first year that I’ve […]