Random Ramblings

Thoughts Am I disappointed that this season didn’t pan out how pretty much everyone expected? No, but I am disappointed at how it ended.  I feel like the last week of the regular season the entire team was distracted.  There were a lot of ceremonies for Big Papi, all of them were deserved, but, at […]


It’s the most exciting time of the baseball season, postseason.  There’s a reason why I call it the second season because it really is like another season of baseball.  It’s more exciting, and it’s more intense.  With that reason, my posts throughout the postseason may be sporadic.   Go Sox!


This blog has somewhat been neglected, and there is a good reason for that.  A while ago I created another email for this blog and removed it from this username thinking it would be a good idea.  Looking back, it was the worst idea ever.  The last post I wrote for this blog was about […]


  Growing up, when I would go to Red Sox games, one of my favorite things was seeing the CITGO sign.  In my opinion, it is just as iconic as Fenway Park itself.  I can’t imagine the Boston skyline without the Citgo sign, however it could be a reality. The building on 660 Beacon Street […]

First two weeks of June Wrap-Up

For me there were too many losses in the first two weeks of June.  Also, there were a few games that I didn’t watch and those were the games against San Fransisco.  I hate when the Sox are on the West Coast, I can not bring myself to stay awake that long, and if I […]

May Wrap-Up

Readers of this blog may have been wondering why I didn’t have a post for week 3.  Well, I took a two week break from blogging, not only on this blog, but my other blog as well. To recap a few important things, Jackie Bradley Junior’s hitting streak ended, Xander Bogarts extended his hitting streak.  […]

Week 2 Wrap-up 5/9/16-5/15/16

The start of week 2 saw the Oakland Athletic’s come to town.  Monday 5/9 was nothing but a hit parade from the Sox. JBJ extended his hitting streak to 15 games and hit his first career grand slam, Big Papi hit two doubles and it was just an exciting game to watch. The Sox […]