Saving the season

There has been a lot of wondering if this season for the Red Sox can be saved.  I believe that it can, and the only team that can save it is the Red Sox themselves.  In this Dan Shaughnessy article he says that this season has been a train wreck.  As always, I have to disagree with him.  It has not been a train wreck, the season has just been a see saw, up and down, up and down.    A lot of teams have periods of up and downs.  You win some, you lose some.  Although the Sox don’t look like the defending champs that many thought they would be, especially considering that half of the season has already been played, there is still plenty of time left.  Obviously there is something missing or not clicking.  There are still players that are on their way back from injuries.  It is possible once those players return from rehab stints in the minors, that they will give the team a much needed boost heading down the stretch.  And with the All-Star break coming up, it gives players a much needed break and more importantly get back to 100%.  There is no denying that work needs to be done, and it will get done, it’s just a matter of how that work gets done and when it gets done.  Being optimistic and realistic, I have a good hunch that after the All-Star break things will start looking up.


And congratulations to Jon Lester for making the All-Star team.


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